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Our Vision

To be a company that becomes trustworthy and feels responsible for the people suffering from Rheumatic diseases. Also offer a wide range of services to treat the patients with personalized care and provide the consultation that fits the patient condition at its best.

Our Philosophy

Advanced Rheumatic Centre is committed to provide high quality physical therapy services in beautiful state-of-the-art facilities.

As a healthcare provider, we partner with groups and events in various communities to serve better. Our focus is on our clients suffering from Rheumatic diseases and treat them with advanced cutting-edge treatments and therapies available for all types of diseases and conditions.

Our Mission

We are committed as primary healthcare professionals to help our clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.

High Quality

We take a goal-oriented approach to healing and whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them to the fullest extent.

Patient Care

We provide best consultation and medication and enable you to become an active participant in your recovery and future physical health.

Professional Service

We offer the services that are monitored and guided by some of the most experienced consultants and doctors in a professional way.

Dr Sarvajeet Pal

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