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Wellness is all about feeling good and being healthy with proper functioning of the body. Wellness is about the physical and metal well being and it is mainly about finding balance in our lives with our changing day to day activities..


Best Dietician and Nutritionist

The wellness of any person is mainly dependent on the diet and intake of nutrition. Many people have doubts regarding the diet and nutrition at some point of their lives due to changing and evolving styles in different cuisines of food. Even the people suffering from rheumatic diseases can feel the positive difference with the intake of the proper diet. We being responsible for your healthy lives, provide the best suitable diet and nutrition as the part of consultation. We suggest the customized diet plans as per the treatment provided.



Physiotherapy is the most important activity for the people suffering from rheumatic diseases. Undergoing physiotherapy along with the medication helps the patients to reduce the pain abd feel comfortable in their lives. We provide the best physiotherapy sessions with proactive consultation and guide the people to their wellness in ARC.

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